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Our Destinations in Cyprus

General information

Cyprus is located at the south eastern Mediterranean, close to the Asian main land.  It has been a crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa.  Although of Greek origin, the island passed long periods under Latin, Othman and British occupation. Because of its past, monuments of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman influence can be found all over the island.

Sailors can explore the south coast line which is under the control of the republic of Cyprus, as the Northern part of the island is occupied by Turkey since 1974. Ports like Kyrenia, Famagusta, Karavostasi are inaccessible.  It is important to restrict your cruising in between Paralimni port in the east  and Pomos fishing port in the Northwest.

The climate is typical Mediterranean with prolong and hot summer and short mild winter.

Surface: 9.251 sq. Km (includes North)

Population: 803.000 habitants (does not includes North)

Capital: Nicosia

Time: UTC+2

Money: Euro

Requirements to charter: sailing license or skipper’s certificate

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